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This website was born out of a personal desire to learn about my ancestry.  The more I dug into my ancestors' past, the term "Melungeon" kept popping up.  

I want to use this website to share with you what I have discovered and learned about the Melungeons.

Melungeon Family

The videos below are Melungeon related.  I hope you enjoy them.

Definition According to Wikipedia

(mə-lun-jən) is a term traditionally applied to one of a number of "tri-racial isolate" groups of the Southeastern United States, mainly in the Cumberland Gap area of central Appalachia, which includes portions of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and East Kentucky. Tri-racial describes populations thought to be of mixed European, sub-Saharan African, and Native American ancestry. Although there is no consensus on how many such groups exist, estimates range as high as 200.

DNA testing of Melungeon descendants has been limited, but the Melungeon DNA Project, which has made its results public, so far shows overwhelming mixed European and sub-Saharan African haplotypes of females and males in several families traditionally identified as Melungeon and considered so by researchers.

This website is not done yet and it never will be.  So keep checking back for more interesting information regarding the Melungeons. If you have any comments, suggestions or anything else interesting to share email me at:

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The Melungeons One People All Colors

There are many opinions and theories about the origin of the Melungeon people. There are even differences in opinion about the origin of the word Melungeon.

My personal opinion
regarding the ancestory of the Melungeon people is perhaps there is some truth to most theories out there. I do believe that they are a mixture of several races of people and each family's admixture is unique.

Click here for an excellent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web page.

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This video isn't particularly Melungeon exclusive, but I am sure you can find many a Melungeon over yonder dat talks like this.

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Was Abe Lincoln a MelungeonWas Abraham Lincoln a Melungeon?

Some folks believe he was. You can read more about President Lincoln's possible connection to the Melungeons by clicking here.

Melungeon WomanThe woman in this photograph is an ancestor in my family tree. Her last name is Oxendine.  The Oxendines are a common Melungeon and Lumbee Indian name.

Is there a connection between the Lumbee Indians and the Melungeons?  I dare to say possibly there is, at the sake of upsetting many folks.  But based on my family tree I'd say there is a good chance that they may have intermarried.

You Just Might Be Melungeon if:

Your ancestors claimed they were Black Dutch.

Your great great great grand parents avoided the Trail of Tears but for unknown reasons ended up in Oklahoma later anyway.

Beggars are periodically invited to your table.

Everyone in your family has one name for outsiders and another for use within the family.

You eat pork.

Family History is never mentioned or discussed.

Your family tree looks more like a telephone pole.

Your ancestors lived on property straddling two or more states or counties and were sometimes counted on the census in one place, sometimes in another place, without moving.

You make deals only with relatives.

Your family seemed definitely ethnic but no one was copping to what kind.

Your doctors tell you that you have some kind of arthritis but all tests come out negative and they shake their heads.

I picked these "if's" because they reminded me of my family. For more "if's" click here.

 One theory of the origins of the Melungeons

Several theories discussed in this video

Gordon Bigham - Author Do you think you have Melungeon heritage in your family?  If you do please email me and tell me why you think so at: